Ferry to Tasmania: Spirit of Tasmania Ferry from Melbourne

Experience the Top Adventure of a Lifetime: Take the Ferry to Tasmania!

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry – An Introduction

The Spirit of Tasmania ferry is an iconic mode of transport that connects the island state of Tasmania with mainland Australia. Operating since 1985, the ferry offers both passengers and cargo transportation services, making it a vital link for the Tasmanian economy.

The Spirit of Tasmania fleet consists of two modern ships, the Spirit of Tasmania I and II, which can accommodate over 1,400 passengers and 500 vehicles each. The ferry provides a comfortable and enjoyable journey with a range of onboard amenities, including dining options, entertainment areas, and comfortable cabins for overnight voyages. It offers a convenient and scenic way to travel between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, allowing passengers to bring their own vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. With regular sailings between Melbourne and Devonport, the Spirit of Tasmania ferry provides an essential lifeline for both tourists and residents, as well as the transportation of goods and produce to and from the island.

Take the Ferry to Tasmania

Ferry to Tasmania: Tasmania, an island paradise located off the coast of Australia, is a destination that offers breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage. While there are several ways to reach this enchanting island, taking the ferry to Tasmania is an experience like no other. With stunning scenic views, a wide range of onboard amenities, and the freedom to explore at your own pace, a ferry journey to Tasmania is an adventure that should not be missed. So, pack your bags, hop aboard, and get ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime!

Benefits of taking the ferry

Embark on an unforgettable journey

There are numerous benefits to taking the ferry to Tasmania. Firstly, it allows travelers to bring their own vehicles, providing the convenience of having transportation readily available to explore the island. This is particularly advantageous for those who wish to venture off the beaten path and discover Tasmania’s hidden gems. Additionally, taking the ferry offers a more relaxed and leisurely way to travel compared to flying. Passengers have the opportunity to unwind, enjoy the stunning ocean views, and truly immerse themselves in the journey.

Another advantage of taking the ferry is the ability to bring ample luggage without the hassle of weight restrictions or additional fees. This is especially beneficial for families or those who prefer to travel with their own belongings. Moreover, the ferry journey allows travelers to gradually transition into the Tasmanian atmosphere, as they have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and soak in the anticipation of what awaits them on the island.

Ferry options to Tasmania

There are several ferry options to reach Tasmania, each offering a unique experience. The Spirit of Tasmania is the most popular choice and operates between Melbourne and Devonport. This overnight journey provides passengers with the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the onboard amenities while crossing the Bass Strait.

The ferry is equipped with comfortable cabins, spacious lounges, and a variety of dining options. For those seeking a shorter journey, the SeaLink Tasmania Catamaran operates between the mainland and the picturesque town of Nubeena on the Tasman Peninsula.

Another option is the Bruny Island Ferry, which connects the island to the mainland and provides a stunning scenic journey across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. This ferry is a great choice for those looking to explore the natural beauty of Bruny Island and its surrounding waters.

For a more adventurous experience, travelers can take the Tasman Island Cruise, which offers a thrilling journey along the spectacular coastline of the Tasman Peninsula. This cruise provides an up-close look at the towering sea cliffs, sea caves, and diverse marine life of this rugged region.

Overall, whether you prefer a relaxing overnight journey with all the comforts of a modern ferry or a more adventurous and scenic route, there are plenty of ferry options to choose from when traveling to Tasmania. Each option offers its own unique experience and is sure to provide a memorable start to your Tasmanian adventure.

Planning your ferry trip to Tasmania

Before embarking on your ferry trip to Tasmania, it is essential to plan and prepare accordingly. Firstly, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred travel dates and cabin types. Additionally, check the ferry’s website for any updates or changes to the schedule, as weather conditions can sometimes affect departure times.

It is also important to consider your vehicle’s requirements, such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance, before the journey. Ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and adequately equipped for the road trips you plan to take on the island. Furthermore, pack essentials such as clothing appropriate for various weather conditions, travel documents, and any necessary medications.

What to expect on the ferry journey

Once onboard the ferry, you can expect a comfortable and enjoyable journey. The modern vessels are designed with passenger comfort in mind, offering a range of amenities to make your trip as pleasant as possible. Relax in the spacious lounges, indulge in delicious meals at the onboard restaurants, or catch a movie at the cinema. For those who prefer a more active experience, there are fitness facilities, children’s play areas, and even live entertainment to keep you entertained throughout the journey.

As you sail across the Bass Strait, be sure to keep an eye out for dolphins, seals, and other marine life that may make an appearance. The stunning coastal vistas and ever-changing scenery are sure to leave you in awe. Capture these moments by bringing along your camera and create memories that will last a lifetime. When you’re not admiring the views or taking part in onboard activities, you can also explore the ship’s shops and boutiques, where you can find a range of goods including souvenirs, clothing, and snacks to enjoy during your journey.

For those who require special assistance, the ferry crew is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you need help with boarding the vessel, navigating the ship, or any other special requirements, the staff is there to assist you every step of the way.

Overall, a ferry journey across the Bass Strait is not just a means of transportation, but a unique travel experience in itself. From the moment you step onboard until you reach your destination, you will be well taken care of and entertained, leaving you with only the best memories of your journey. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as you sail across the Bass Strait on a comfortable and luxurious ferry, Spirit of Tasmania, for Australia’s most iconic travel experiences.

Activities and amenities on the ferry

The ferry to Tasmania offers a wide range of activities and amenities to ensure that passengers have a memorable experience. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or with family, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Take a dip in the onboard swimming pool, relax in the spa and sauna, or challenge your fellow passengers to a game of mini-golf. There are also dedicated areas for children, including playrooms and arcade games, to keep the little ones entertained.

For those who appreciate a taste of luxury, consider upgrading to a premium cabin. These cabins offer additional space, private balconies, and exclusive access to a dedicated lounge area. Indulge in complimentary refreshments, unwind with a book, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views from the comfort of your own private retreat.

Melbourne – Devonport Ferry Operators

The Melbourne-Devonport ferry route is operated by two main ferry operators: Spirit of Tasmania and TT-Line Company. Spirit of Tasmania offers daily sailings between Melbourne and Devonport, with a choice of day and night sailings.

The ferry provides a range of onboard facilities including bars, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment for passengers to enjoy during the journey. TT-Line Company also operates a ferry service between the two cities, offering both day and night sailings.

The company provides comfortable and convenient travel for passengers, with onboard amenities such as lounges, dining options, and a range of cabin choices. Both operators offer a smooth and enjoyable journey across the Bass Strait, with stunning views of the coastline and a chance to witness the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape as the ferry approaches Devonport.

With reliable and efficient services, these ferry operators make traveling between Melbourne and Devonport an easy and pleasant experience for passengers.

Spirit of Tasmania – A Cruise onboard

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Spirit of Tasmania, as you cruise onboard a luxurious ship from Melbourne to Devonport, or vice versa.

The experience begins as you step onboard and are greeted by friendly staff ready to assist you with anything you may need during your voyage.

Once settled in, you can explore the various amenities and activities available, from multiple dining options to shopping, entertainment, and even a children’s play area.

Whether you choose to relax in your cabin, take in the stunning views from the deck, or socialize with fellow passengers, the spirit of adventure is palpable throughout the ship. As the sun sets, you can indulge in a delicious meal or enjoy a drink at the bar, all while feeling the gentle sway of the vessel on the open sea.

With comfortable accommodations and top-notch service, a cruise onboard Spirit of Tasmania is the perfect way to travel between the mainland and Tasmania, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel, Tips & Updates

Traveling is an incredible way to experience different cultures and broaden our perspectives.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long vacation, it’s always important to plan ahead. Researching the destination, booking accommodations, and creating an itinerary are all essential steps to a successful trip. However, with the current state of travel, it’s also crucial to stay updated on travel advisories and restrictions for Tasmania by ferry.

Keeping an eye on the latest updates and tips from reliable sources can help travelers navigate through any potential hurdles or changes in regulations. From new COVID-19 testing requirements to updated entry restrictions, staying informed about travel protocols is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

As the world continues to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic, being flexible and prepared for changes is more important than ever

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Ferry from Geelong to Tasmania

The ferry from Geelong to Tasmania offers a convenient and scenic way to travel between the two locations. Departing from the picturesque port town of Geelong, passengers can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the coastline as they make their way across the Bass Strait to Tasmania.

The ferry provides comfortable amenities, including dining options, entertainment, and comfortable seating, making the journey an enjoyable experience for all travelers. With multiple sailings each week, the ferry provides flexibility for travelers to choose a time that fits their schedule.

Whether you’re looking to explore Tasmania’s rugged natural beauty, visit the charming cities and towns, or simply enjoy a leisurely journey at sea, the ferry from Geelong makes it easy to reach this captivating island destination.

It’s a popular choice for both tourists and locals alike, offering a unique and memorable way to travel between Geelong and Tasmania.

Exploring Tasmania: Top destinations and attractions

Once you arrive in Tasmania, a world of adventure awaits. From the vibrant city of Hobart to the stunning landscapes of Cradle Mountain, there is no shortage of incredible destinations to explore. Discover the historical charm of Port Arthur, hike through the pristine wilderness of Freycinet National Park, or marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Wineglass Bay. Tasmania is also home to unique wildlife, such as the famous Tasmanian devil, which can be observed in their natural habitat at various wildlife sanctuaries across the island.

Accommodations and dining options in Tasmania

Tasmania offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. From luxury resorts and boutique hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts and budget-friendly hostels, there is something for every budget in Tasmania which you’ll find when you take the Spirit of Tasmania. Many accommodations are nestled amidst stunning natural surroundings, allowing you to wake up to breathtaking views each morning. Additionally, Tasmania is renowned for its fresh and delicious food. Indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences, savor freshly caught seafood, or sample local delicacies at the numerous farmers’ markets and gourmet eateries scattered throughout the island.

Tips for a smooth ferry experience

To ensure a smooth ferry experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Firstly, arrive at the port with ample time before departure to complete check-in procedures and board the ferry. It is also advisable to pack a day bag with essentials such as toiletries, a change of clothes, and any necessary medications, as you may not have immediate access to your vehicle during the journey.

Additionally, consider booking a cabin for overnight journeys to maximize comfort and rest. This will allow you to arrive in Tasmania feeling refreshed and ready to start your adventure. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the ferry’s policies and guidelines, such as those regarding pets, smoking areas, and any specific regulations for transporting vehicles.


Q: What is the best way to travel to Tasmania?

A: The best way to travel to Tasmania is by taking a ferry across Bass Strait.

Q: What is the ferry company that operates the service to Tasmania?

A: The ferry service to Tasmania is operated by TT-Line Company Pty Ltd, using the Spirit of Tasmania IV. Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

Q: Where does the ferry depart from?

A: The ferry departs from Port Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Q: How long does the ferry crossing take?

A: The ferry crossing from Port Melbourne to Devonport in Tasmania takes approximately 9 to 11 hours.

Q: What are the facilities available on the ferry?

A: The Spirit of Tasmania ferry is equipped with recliner seats, a vehicle deck, and facilities for up to 1400 passengers. There are also options for well-equipped cabins and dining on board.

Q: What are the peak season fares for the ferry to Tasmania?

A: The peak season fares for the ferry to Tasmania vary depending on the type of accommodation and the time of booking. It is advisable to check the Spirit of Tasmania website for current fares and promotions.

Q: Can I bring my caravan on the ferry to Tasmania?

A: Yes, you can bring your caravan on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. There are designated spaces and facilities for caravans on board.

Q: How do I get to the ferry terminal in Port Melbourne?

A: You can easily access the Spirit of Tasmania quay. Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal in Port Melbourne by car or public transport. There are also parking facilities available at the terminal.

Q: What is the frequency of the ferry service to Tasmania?

A: The Spirit of Tasmania operates a regular ferry service to Tasmania with multiple crossings each week. It is advisable to check the ferry schedule for the most up-to-date information on departure times and availability.

Q: What are the options for exploring Tasmania once I arrive on the ferry?

A: Once you arrive in Devonport, Tasmania, you can explore the island by hiring a car, campervan, or joining guided tours. There are various options available for independent travel and organized excursions.

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Conclusion: Why taking the ferry to Tasmania is an unforgettable adventure

Taking the ferry to Tasmania is not just a means of transportation, but an unforgettable adventure in itself. From the awe-inspiring views of the Bass Strait to the onboard amenities and activities, the journey sets the stage for an incredible experience. Once you arrive on the island, Tasmania’s natural beauty, diverse attractions, and warm hospitality will captivate your heart. So, why wait? Book your ferry tickets, pack your bags, and embark on a journey that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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