About me

I am the person behind the website travelingkangaroo.com/, and my name is Nick, a travel blog that I use to share my adventures and encounters with others. The beauty and diversity of our world have always attracted me and I love exploring new places and cultures through travel.

On my blog, I try sharing with my readers about how I traveled, what I did took beautiful pictures of and tips that might inspire them as they plan their own trips. As for me lounging in a tropical beach or hiking through remote mountain ranges or just touring around crowded cities like Nairobi; this is the kind of new experience you will find on my blog.

But besides that, one thing I also enjoy is sharing about the best things to do in any place that I go to. From must-see landmarks to delicious local foods as well as unique cultural experiences, these are some of the helpful ideas that one can refer to while travelling.

While not traveling, you can catch me planning for where trip next researching destinations and dreaming about faraway lands. It has been said before many times in different ways but words are not enough when it comes to saying thank you to travel because it does amazing things for our lives

As a photographer, I’ve been all over the world for a decade now. It’s been a wild ride to say the least; going from country to country and continent to continent, getting top quality shots of people and places that tell stories beyond words.

But being there is one thing, understanding it is another. That’s why I’m so grateful for my ability to speak 5 languages. My tongue is like a Swiss army knife, it just keeps on coming in handy! Whenever I can engage with locals using their own tongue it makes everything that much better. And not only does it make everything more convenient and time-efficient when we meet, but it lets me get an authentic feel for every place at its core — letting me have conversations about things they hold dear and understand their society even deeper than what meets the eye.

My passion for travel isn’t just about seeing new things. It’s a profound curiosity that makes me want to see everything there is in front of us before we kick the bucket. Whether I’m capturing a beautiful sunrise or eating street food in China, every second counts as one more step towards understanding our planet and ourselves.

On travelingkangaroo.com/ you’ll find pictures from all around the world, context on those places, insights into how they were taken so well, where I stayed at or ate at if they were special enough. My goal is to ignite your wanderlust by simply sharing what I love doing best in hopes that you’ll be inspired go out there yourself.

“Join me on my journey as I explore the world one adventure at a time, and discover all that this beautiful planet has to offer. Happy travels!”

If you want to send me pictures and be featured in one of my blog posts, contact me.