15 Romantic Getaways Michigan: Best Trips and Resorts

Romantic Getaways Michigan


Michigan is known for its pristine lakes and charming small towns, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the United States. From bed-and-breakfasts to luxury resorts, here are some of my favorite Romantic Getaways Michigan when looking for romance!

1. The Inn at Bay Harbor

The Inn at Bay Harbor is a castle-like hotel that offers guests luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, and spa services. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Traverse City, Michigan, this romantic getaway is the perfect place to relax with your partner.

The Inn at Bay Harbor has been named one of America’s top 100 B&Bs by Conde Nast Traveler magazine for two years running (2016 & 2017). In addition to its breathtaking views and luxurious amenities, it also boasts amazing restaurants whose dishes are made from local ingredients along with wine pairings from their extensive cellar collection.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing than fine dining then why not book yourself into their tranquil spa? Where they offer massages by certified therapists who will work their magic on all those aches and pains!

2. Treehouse Bed & Breakfast

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway that’s out of this world, the Treehouse Bed & Breakfast in Traverse City, Michigan is the perfect place. This unique B&B has five different treehouses to choose from, each with its own theme and amenities.

The most popular treehouse is called “The Secret Garden,” which features a hot tub on its porch overlooking Lake Michigan. It also has an outdoor shower and gazebo with a fireplace if you want to roast marshmallows while watching the sunset over Lake Michigan’s waves.

If your budget allows it or if you just prefer something more private than sharing space with other couples (or strangers), then maybe opt instead for one of their other options…

“The Birdhouse” has two stories including an outdoor deck where guests can soak up nature while enjoying views across the rolling hill.

“The Cabin” offers cozy decor inside plus access through sliding glass doors onto a private balcony overlooking acres upon acres of woods.

“The Treehouse Suite” which includes everything from previous options plus extra amenities such as jetted tubs & saunas!

3. Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a popular spot for couples to get married. The island has a rich history and many people visit it each year, especially during the summer months. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway Michigan, then you should consider visiting Mackinac Island.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island is one of the oldest hotels in the US and has been featured in many movies including Meet Me In St Louis (1944), Wolverine (2009), and Up North with Rosie O’Donnell (2005). So if you are a movie lover this is a no-brainer. 

4. Hotel Walloon

Hotel Walloon is a luxury resort on the shores of Lake Superior, located in Grand Marais, Michigan. It’s a great place to stay in Michigan for a romantic getaway!

The hotel features an indoor pool and spa tub as well as an outdoor pool and hot tub. The fitness center provides guests with an opportunity to work out while enjoying views of Lake Superior.

Guests can also enjoy nearby hiking trails or visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for some sightseeing fun!

5. Treetops Resort

Treetops Resort, located in Gaylord, offers a variety of accommodations that will suit your needs. Choose from cabins, suites, and rooms.

The resort features hot tubs so you can soak in nature while enjoying the view at any time during your stay. You’ll also find a golf course nearby as well as an outdoor pool where you can take advantage of all four seasons!

If extra relaxation is what you’re looking for; there are also spa services available at Treetops Spa & Salon (which is conveniently located inside this same complex).

6. Cherry Tree Inn and Suites

The Cherry Tree Inn and Suites is located in Traverse City, Michigan. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, and lounge on-site for guests to enjoy.

There’s also an indoor pool for you to relax after a long day of exploring the area. You can even get pampered with spa services from their salon or book one of their many spa treatments!

7. The wilderness resort in Acme

The Wilderness Resort in Acme is an ideal getaway for couples looking for a romantic weekend. The resort offers accommodations ranging from rustic cabins to luxury suites, each elegantly appointed with private baths and fireplaces.

Dining options include an award-winning restaurant on site as well as several nearby restaurants within walking distance.

On-site activities include swimming in their outdoor heated pool or relaxing with a book by the fireplace at their cozy library lounge (open daily). Guests will also enjoy horseback riding through their scenic trails, which are open year-round regardless of weather conditions!

8. The Homestead in Glen Arbor

The history of this hotel is as rich as its walls, originally built in 1885, it’s been a stop for travelers on their way through Glen Arbor since then. Today, you can still enjoy many of the same amenities today back then–like an indoor pool and hot tubs, fitness center, and spa services, but with modern touches like WiFi access throughout the property and a restaurant serving up fresh seafood dishes like crab cakes or clam chowder soup made from scratch daily by chef-owner Bill Roach (who also happens to be a co-owner).

The rooms themselves are spacious enough that even after spending all day enjoying some leisurely activities at nearby beaches like Lighthouse Beach State Park or Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Reserve (both just minutes away), you’ll still have plenty of room left over for relaxing at night with wine while watching Netflix on your TV screen before drifting off into sweet dreams under soft sheets topped off by plush pillows made from 100 percent cotton fibers harvested right here in Michigan with your sweetheart!

9. New Buffalo, Michigan

New Buffalo, Michigan is the perfect place to go if your idea of romance is strolling hand-in-hand along the beach. Located on Lake Michigan’s southern shore, this small town has all the charm of a seaside village without being too crowded or busy with tourists.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in New Buffalo whether you want to relax by the water or explore nature at its best. You can take a walk along Lake Michigan or go hiking through several nearby parks where there are plenty of trails for walking dogs or simply enjoying nature’s beauty.

10. Port Austin

This is one of the most charming small towns to visit in all of Michigan, and it’s nestled along the Lake Huron shoreline. Its population is just over 2,000 people and it has a rich history that dates back to around 1780.

Today Port Austin is known as one of the best places for travelers looking for a romantic gateway and who want an escape from everyday life without having to go too far away from civilization or family members who live nearby–it’s perfect for anyone looking for something different than what they’re used too!

interesting fact: The town was originally called “Beachport” because it was located directly on top of a beach; however, due to confusion between this name and another town named Beachport (which was located further away), they changed their name to Port Austin in 1843.

11. Thompsonville

Thompsonville is a small town in Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula that is known for its many quaint shops and restaurants. It also has beautiful beaches, making it the perfect destination for relaxing or playing in the sand.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous after relaxing, Thompsonville is close to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore where you can hike through trails lined with pines, maples, and oaks as well as a stop at lakeside beaches along Lake Michigan.

12. Traverse City 

a Northern Michigan town that is known for its wineries and beautiful beaches. If you want to learn more about wine making, take a tour at Chateau Grand Traverse Winery or experience the local cuisine at one of their many restaurants.

You can also go on an educational boat tour around Lake Michigan or play golf at the nearby Black River Golf Club 

13. The Saugatuck/Douglas

There are few places on earth that can match the beauty of Saugatuck/Douglas. The area is home to Lake Michigan’s most beautiful beaches with miles of cool, soft sand that are perfect for long walks in the water.

The summer months bring an influx of tourists from around North America who flock here for an unforgettable experience by the shoreline. Visitors can spend hours strolling along sandy shores or taking rides on one of many charter boats that operate out of town during this time frame.

14. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake fully within the borders of the United States, and it’s also the third largest Great Lake by volume.

It’s also home to some pretty amazing views…

The Mackinac Bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge, stretching over five miles across Lake Michigan. It connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas in Michigan, which is separated by water on either side of the straits.

15. Pere Marquette state park

Pere Marquette state park is a great place to spend the day. The park has many trails and beaches, as well as outdoor activities like camping and fishing.

There are several campsites available for rent in different locations within the park; however, if you are looking for something more private or quiet then consider renting one of their cabins instead!

Pere Marquette State Park is located on Lake Michigan’s north shore near Ludington, Michigan. It offers over 1,000 acres of rugged coastline with sandy beaches and forested hillsides overlooking Lake Michigan’s Pere Marquette Bay–a perfect spot for hiking along secluded trails.

The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and foxes. 

If you really want to WOW your other half then go on a picnic. Pack up some sandwiches, chips, and drinks, then find a nice spot in the park or along the beach to enjoy them. If it’s warm out, you can even take a blanket with you and make an outdoor blanket fort! 

Romantic Day Trips 

Here are some of my favorite day trips…

  • Michigan’s Adventure is an amusement park with over 100 rides and attractions, including the world’s tallest water slide.
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore has beautiful beaches, dune formations, and trails for hiking through the forested areas.
  • Glen Arbor is a cute little town on the shore of Lake Michigan with antique shops and restaurants along its main street–and it’s just a short drive from Sleeping Bear Dunes!
  • Mackinac Island is a small island that offers tons of activities including horseback riding along the shores of Lake Huron, touring historic buildings like Fort Mackinac, or visiting Fort Michilimackinac State Park where they have exhibits on Native American culture throughout history.
  • Ann Arbor is a must-do if you love art then head here because Ann Arbor offers plenty of galleries showcasing different artists’ work throughout history such as LeRoy Neiman’s paintings depicting sports figures such as Muhammad Ali.
  • Mackinaw City-If beaches are your thing then check out this quaint town on the shores of Lake Huron where there are plenty of things to do like going on kayak tours or taking walks along their beautiful pier at night when everything glows from lights reflecting off the water underneath them!
  • Going To a Spa is perfect if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Michigan’s west coast has plenty of options. Offering everything from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures. If you want something laid-back then a day at the spa is for you! 

Travelers Tips

  • Best Time: Visit Michigan from May to October when the weather is warm and dry. If you’re planning on visiting during the winter months, then visit December through February. 
  • Activities: During your stay in Michigan, there are plenty of things for travelers to do and see including museums, parks, and outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking. You can also check out some of the local restaurants that serve authentic cuisine from different countries around the world!
  • The City: If you’re looking to visit a city while in Michigan, there are plenty of options. Both Detroit and Grand Rapids have museums, concert halls, and sports stadiums that you can visit. You can also check out the many festivals that are held throughout the state each year including the International Cherry Festival in Traverse City.
  • Golf-loving couple?: Michigan has some of the best golfing in the country with over 450 courses and counting. There are many different types of courses so no matter what level your game is at there is probably something that will suit both of your needs.


Michigan offers a variety of romantic getaways for couples. From small boutique hotels to large luxury resorts, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

  • Boutique hotels: These are smaller and often more intimate than luxury hotels, but they still offer the same amenities.
  • Luxury hotels: The best of the best when it comes to accommodations for your romantic getaway! They’re typically larger than boutique properties and have more amenities like pools, spas, and restaurants onsite.
  • Resorts: These are large properties that often have multiple buildings on them with a wide range of room types available (including condos). They also tend to include lots of activities for guests like golfing or water sports so you can spend time together away from your room if you want!
  • Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs): These are smaller than most other types listed above because they only have one or two bedrooms per house instead of dozens like resorts do; however, B&Bs usually features cozy rooms with plenty of windows where the light shines through during the day while giving off an inviting glow at night thanks to candlelight lamps located throughout each space.


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  • Ferry terminal: Ferries leave from Michigan City to South Bend every hour on weekdays (9 am-5 pm) and every two hours on weekends (10 am-6 pm). Some ferries go between Ludington and Kewadin Casino Resort.
  • Rental Cars: are available at many locations throughout Michigan including Detroit Metro Airport International Airport where travelers can rent cars without worrying about traffic jams since there aren’t many people who drive here compared to other states such as New York where traffic jams occur more often than not. You can check out the best deals here

Romantic Getaways Michigan Takeaway

There are many things to do in Michigan, but it’s also a great place just to relax and enjoy nature. Whether you want to go on a hike or explore the Great Lakes, there are plenty of opportunities for fun activities. If you’re looking for something quiet and relaxing Michigan has that too. 

The Great Lakes State is full of romantic getaways. Whether you’re looking for an overnight stay, a weekend getaway, or a weeklong retreat, Michigan has it all!

Other Romantic Getaways

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