Romantic Getaways in Ontario: Resorts, Destinations and more!

Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Ontario


Romantic Getaways in Ontario:

Ontario is a place that is full of natural beauty and has plenty to offer for couples who are looking for romantic getaways.

From scenic lakeside resorts, to cozy bed and breakfasts and luxurious spas, this province has so many romantic options.

Here are the best Ontario romantic getaways when you want a romantic escape with that special someone.

1. Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a popular destination for those looking to go on a romantic getaway.

This small and quiet community has a lot of old-fashioned charm, with many unique attractions that make it a great place for romantic getaways.

For example, you can visit the Stirling Distillery where they make award-winning whiskey and other spirits at their farm distillery located in Ontario’s wine country.

Or you could take your partner on one of the many winery tours available throughout the region–there are more than 100 wineries here!

You could also try out some local food while you’re here; their restaurants serve up delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, creating an unforgettable dining experience during your stay in Prince Edward County!

In addition to food and drink, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the area. On your romantic getaways for couples in Ontario, take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful beaches, explore the quaint towns and villages, or take a scenic bike ride through the countryside.

The natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Prince Edward County make it the perfect place to reconnect and relax with your loved one.

Accommodations in Prince Edward County range from cozy bed and breakfasts to luxury boutique hotels, so you can find the perfect place to stay for your romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or a more adventurous escape, Prince Edward County has something to offer every couple.

If you’re looking for a romantic and idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, consider visiting Prince Edward County. With its charming attractions, delicious food and drink, and beautiful natural scenery, it’s a great destination for a romantic getaway.

2. Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a charming town with a vibrant arts and culture scene, making it one of the most popular destinations for romantic getaways in Ontario.

There are many inns and bed and breakfasts in this area that offer guests privacy and comfort as well as charm.

Niagara is a haven for food lovers with options ranging from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. It’s the perfect place to enjoy fresh local produce and wine from some of the best wineries around during your romantic Ontario getaway! In addition to its culinary offerings, Niagara-on-the-Lake is also known for its thriving theater community.

The Shaw Festival, a renowned theater company, puts on world-class productions throughout the summer and fall seasons. Visitors can also take a stroll through the town to admire its beautiful architecture and unique shops.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the town is a great base for exploring the surrounding natural beauty, including the Niagara River and the Niagara Escarpment. Whether it’s biking along the scenic Niagara Parkway, taking a boat tour to see the famous Niagara Falls, or simply enjoying a peaceful walk through the town’s charming streets, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Overall, Niagara-on-the-Lake offers something for everyone, making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway, a cultural retreat, or simply a relaxing vacation in a picturesque setting. With its rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and bustling arts scene, it’s no wonder this charming town has gained a reputation as one of Ontario’s top destinations.

3. Muskoka-reformat

Muskoka, an area of Southern Ontario.

It’s just as beautiful as it sounds and has everything you need for a romantic getaway with your partner or loved one.

The town of Muskoka in itself is quite small, but it’s surrounded by many other towns like Gravenhurst, Bala and Huntsville that are worth exploring too!

There are also plenty of activities available within these towns such as..

  • Hiking trails like the Bruce Trail
  • Canoeing/kayaking trips down rivers like Lake Muskoka & Lake Josephine
  • Horse-drawn carriage tours are a great way to explore the area.
  • Fishing charters on lakes Algonquin & Rosseau (which are both connected).
  • You can also go zip lining through the treetops
  • Wine tasting at some local wineries like “White Oaks Winery” or “Merry Edwards Winery”, where you can try different types from different regions.

4. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is a beautiful place to go on a romantic trip.

The park is located in Ontario, Canada and has many scenic spots that are perfect for taking your significant other.

It also has many hiking trails where you can spend time together exploring the natural beauty of this area. Whether you choose to paddle through the tranquil waters, hike through the vibrant forests, or simply relax on the shores of one of the many picturesque lakes, Algonquin Provincial Park offers an idyllic setting for a romantic getaway.

You can also plan a romantic picnic by the water, go stargazing at night, or even rent a cozy cabin for a secluded and intimate retreat. There are also opportunities for wildlife viewing, which adds an element of adventure to your romantic trip.

No matter what activities you choose, the natural beauty of Algonquin Provincial Park provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and unforgettable experience with your loved one.

5. Sault Ste. Marie

Located in Northern Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie is a city known for its natural beauty, history and rich culture.

This city has so much to offer that it would be impossible for us to list them all here but we wanted you to know about some of our favorite things when visiting this charming town!

The city has many attractions including Fort George National Historic Site, Agawa Canyon Tour Train and International Silverstick Championship Hockey Tournament.

A visit to Sault Ste. Marie will leave you feeling inspired! The natural beauty of the area is simply breathtaking. From the stunning views of the Great Lakes to the lush forests and pristine wilderness, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, and camping are just a few of the activities that visitors can enjoy in this picturesque region.

The city also has a rich history that is worth exploring. From the fur trade to the development of the Canadian railway, Sault Ste. Marie has played an important role in shaping the history of Canada. Visitors can delve into the city’s history at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre and the Ermatinger-Clergue National Historic Site, both of which offer an insightful peek into the area’s heritage – a must-do on an Ontario getaway.

In addition to its natural beauty and history, Sault Ste. Marie is also a hub of cultural activity. The city is home to a vibrant arts community, with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing the work of local artists and performers. Visitors can also experience the unique culture of the area through events such as the Algoma Fall Festival and the Algoma International Film Association screenings.

Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, or arts enthusiast, Sault Ste. Marie has something to offer everyone. With its breath-taking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, this city is one of the best places for a weekend getaway in Northern Ontario.

6. Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands National Park, one of the best places for a weekend getaway, is a Canadian national park located in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, in Ontario.

The park consists of 27 islands, 21 of which are inhabited.

The islands were formed over millions of years as glaciers advanced and retreated on the landscape.

The last glacier covered this area about 12,000 years ago.

The park is a popular tourist destination, with over 200,000 visitors each year.

These islands, an ideal weekend getaway, are home to thousands of plant and animal species that have evolved in isolation over many years. Visitors to the park can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, boating, kayaking, and wildlife viewing.
The park also offers opportunities for relaxation and exploration of the unique ecosystems and geological formations found on the islands.

In addition to its natural beauty, the park also has a rich cultural history, with evidence of Indigenous presence dating back thousands of years.

Georgian Bay Islands National Park provides a glimpse into the diverse natural and cultural heritage of the region, making it a must-visit destination for nature and history enthusiasts.

7. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great place for a romantic getaway.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or an exciting adventure, Ottawa has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to explore nature while enjoying some time together, there are plenty of parks and trails within easy driving distance from downtown Ottawa.

If you’d rather stay close to home base and enjoy some culture with your partner instead, there are museums galore!

You could even take advantage of all four seasons by taking advantage of winter activities like ice skating at Confederation Park or cross-country skiing on Gatineau Park trails (which are just across the river).

If food is more important than sightseeing when planning your trip – fear not!

There are plenty of restaurants serving up delicious meals at affordable prices all over town; many offer specials during lunchtime hours as well! Indeed, no romantic Ontario getaway would be complete without some time for relaxation. Ottawa has a variety of spas and wellness centers where you can indulge in massages, facials, and other treatments to unwind and de-stress with your partner.

For those looking for a bit more excitement, Ottawa also offers a vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of bars, clubs, and live music venues to enjoy well into the evening.

No matter what your idea of a romantic getaway looks like, Ottawa has something to offer for every couple. Its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and diverse activities make it the perfect destination for a memorable and romantic escape.

8. Niagara Falls

We could not make this list without Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls is a place of natural beauty, and it’s a popular tourist destination.

You can visit Niagara Falls with your partner on a romantic getaway or honeymoon, or to even celebrate an anniversary.

There are many different things to do in Niagara Falls:

  • Take in the views from above with helicopter tours or bungee jumping off of bridges into the water below!
  • Walk along paths next to roaring waterfalls as they cascade down cliffs into pools below.
  • Go boating on Lake Ontario; there are also boat tours that take passengers out onto American side of river for closer views of Horseshoe Falls (which is more impressive than Canadian side).
  • Explore the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, which are home to stunning gardens and over 2,000 butterflies.
  • Visit the Skylon Tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the falls and surrounding area.
  • Take a thrilling journey behind the falls on the Journey Behind the Falls tour, where you can experience the thundering roar of the water from observation decks and tunnels.
  • In addition to the natural beauty and attractions, Niagara Falls also offers a lively nightlife, with numerous restaurants, bars, and casinos to enjoy.
  • Overall, Niagara Falls is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the power and majesty of one of the world’s most famous natural wonders.

9. The 1000 Islands


The 1000 Islands is a group of islands in the St. Lawrence River.

It’s located north of Montreal and south of Kingston, Ontario, making it an ideal day trip from both cities.

Today, as many as 6 million tourists visit annually to enjoy everything from boating adventures to fine dining experiences!

The 1000 Islands region includes several townships including Gananoque (which has been voted one of Canada’s best small towns) and Alexandria Bay–which hosts an annual fireworks festival every summer.

While these two townships offer plenty for visitors to do during daylight hours, there are also some great options for romantic night out too!

For a couples getaway in Alexandria Bay, consider booking a room in one of these fabulous hotels, all situated within walking distance from each other in downtown. These hotels offer stunning views of the river and the surrounding islands, as well as luxurious accommodations and top-notch dining options.

In addition to exploring the islands by boat on your Ontario getaway, there are several hiking and biking trails to traverse, as well as the region’s best golf courses to play at.

For those interested in history, there are numerous historic sites and museums to explore, including Boldt Castle and the Antique Boat Museum.

And of course, no visit to the 1000 Islands would be complete without sampling the local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, delicious cheeses, and locally-made wines and craft beers.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or an action-packed adventure, the 1000 Islands has something for everyone to enjoy. With its breathtaking scenery, charming towns, and endless activities, it’s no wonder this region has become a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

10. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario.

It’s a great place to visit with lots of sights to see and things to do, so you’ll never be bored while on your romantic getaway.

The city has several museums, including The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which houses over 5 million artifacts from around the world.

You can also visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada which contains over 200 species of fish and reptiles as well as sharks!

If you want something more relaxing than animals or art, take a stroll through one of Toronto’s many parks like High Park or Rouge National Urban Park where there are trails for hiking or biking; both offer beautiful views that will make your trip memorable!

Or if shopping is more your style then head down Yonge Street–one of North America’s longest streets–where there are plenty stores offering everything from fashion boutiques carrying high end brands such as Chanel & Louis Vuitton handbags all way down at affordable prices.

During your romantic weekend getaway, you could savor some delicious cuisines along this strip too!

11. Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is a beautiful and scenic place to visit.

It’s located in the Canadian Rockies, which means that it’s surrounded by mountains and forests.

The lake itself is crystal clear, making it an ideal spot for swimming or canoeing.

If you’re looking for more action-packed activities, there are plenty of hiking trails around Lake Louise as well as many resorts nearby (e.g., Sunshine Village).

15. The Inn at Bay Fortune

When it comes to a couples retreat in Ontario, “The Inn at Bay Fortune” holds the title as one of the most romantic inns. It is the perfect place for a Ontario romantic getaways.

The Inn at Bay Fortune is located in the heart of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada.

This beautiful inn offers guests a variety of accommodations that range from rooms and suites to cottages on nearby islands.

Guests will enjoy exploring this area’s sandy beaches, whale watching excursions and kayaking trips through nature preserves.

16. The Delta Prince Edward Hotel

One of Canada’s oldest luxury hotels and was built in 1889 by John Howard Ferguson, a wealthy businessman who also helped establish Toronto’s world-renowned Royal Ontario Museum.

The hotel has hosted countless celebrities over the years, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during their visit to Prince Edward Island in 1959.

Today, guests can enjoy rooms with views of either the ocean or beautiful gardens–or both!

You’ll also find plenty of places nearby where you can grab some good coffee or food before spending an afternoon exploring Charlottetown!

Best Hot Air Balloon Ride in Ontario

The best hot air balloon ride in Ontario is the Rideau Trail. It’s located north of Ottawa and spans over 400 kilometers, making it one of Canada’s longest trails. The trail offers incredible views of forests, lakes and fields as well as ancient archaeological sites that date back thousands of years ago.

The experience itself is also pretty awesome! If you want something more interactive on your couples retreat than just snapping pictures, or are simply seeking quality alone time, this Ontario getaway is worth considering!

The Best Romantic Restaurants In Ontario

When it comes to romance, nothing says “I love you” quite like a delicious meal. Here are some of our favorite romantic restaurants in Ontario:

  • The French Quarter Restaurant & Bar – Niagara Falls, ON
  • Le Petit Cochon Rouge – Ottawa, ON (This restaurant serves up Canadian cuisine with an Asian twist.)
  • La Risotteria – Toronto, ON (Their menu features homemade pasta dishes.)

Rent A Car

Rent a car


Renting a car is a great way to get around, especially if you have the freedom to explore on your own schedule. You can make day trips or even overnight excursions without having to worry about public transport or taxis. It’s also usually cheaper than taking taxis or public transport, which means more money for activities!

  • Be sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions before signing anything–especially if there are any fees associated with renting from this company (e.g., cleaning fee). If possible, ask someone who has rented from them before so they can tell you what their experience was like when picking up/returning their vehicle
  • Make sure that either A) there’s enough gas in the tank when picking up; B) it won’t cost extra money if there isn’t enough gas; C) how much it costs per litre at each station near where we’ll be staying

Traveler Tips

Here are some other tips for packing your bag:

  • Bring a camera! It’s always fun to look back at pictures from your trip and reminisce about all of the amazing things that happened over the course of it.
  • Don’t forget to bring a guidebook on your romantic Ontario getaway! There are plenty of great travel guides out there that can help give insight into local culture, customs and etiquette–as well as recommendations on where good restaurants are located in each city/town visited during this romantic getaway adventure across Ontario (and beyond).

Bring a map! It’s always a good idea to have a map of your destination handy in case you get lost or want to plan out your route before leaving home.


Q: What are the best romantic getaways in Ontario?

A: Some of the best romantic getaways in Ontario include Niagara Falls, Muskoka, Blue Mountain, and Prince Edward County.

Q: Where can I find the best couples resorts in Ontario?

A: Ontario offers several top-rated couples resorts such as Hockley Valley Resort, JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, and Ste. Anne’s Spa.

Q: What activities are available at romantic getaways in Ontario?

A: Ontario offers a wide range of activities for couples, including wine tasting tours, spa treatments, outdoor adventures such as hiking and canoeing, and fine dining experiences.

Q: What are the best spa destinations for a romantic getaway in Ontario?

A: Some of the best spa destinations in Ontario for a romantic getaway include Millcroft Inn & Spa, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, and Spa at the St. Regis Toronto.

Q: What are the most popular weekend getaways for couples in Ontario?

A: When it comes to romantic getaways for couples, popular weekend getaways in Ontario include Stratford, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the Haliburton Highlands.

Q: How far are Ontario getaways for couples from Toronto?

A: Many Ontario getaways for couples are within a 1-3 hour drive from Toronto, making them easily accessible for a weekend escape.

Q: What are the best romantic places in Ontario with a pool and hot tub?

A: Some of the best romantic places in Ontario that offer a pool and hot tub include The Briars Resort & Spa, The Gananoque Inn & Spa, and Rawley Resort.

Q: Where can I find the ultimate romantic retreats in Ontario?

A: Ontario offers ultimate romantic retreats at luxurious resorts such as Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, The Couples Resort, and The Waring House.

Q: What are the best Ontario getaways for couples looking for a romantic weekend?

A: Couples looking for a romantic weekend in Ontario can consider destinations such as Elora, Lake Rosseau, and the Thousand Islands.

Q: What are the perfect romantic getaways in Ontario for couples?

A: Perfect romantic getaways in Ontario for couples include the Westin Trillium House, Eganridge Resort, Country Club & Spa, and The Miller’s House Bed and Breakfast.


If you’re looking to get away with your significant other, then Ontario is the place to be. Ontario has some of the most romantic places in Canada, such as Niagara Falls and Muskoka Lakes. These destinations offer couples a chance to reconnect while enjoying their surroundings together. Now get out there and enjoy your Ontario romantic getaway.


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